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Dear PC Doctor:

I have an iPhone and a mac computer. I know I used to be able to answer phone calls on my computer. It’s not working now. I can’t figure out why. I think both devices have installed all available updates. Can you help?

Thank you,


Dear Paige:

Check that all your devices are signed into iCloud on the same account, are on, and are using the same wifi connection.

Then, enable call forwarding on both devices. First, open Settings on your phone. Then go to Phone > Calls on Other Devices. The slider should be green for “on,” and you should see the name of your computer listed as allowed to receive your calls.

On your computer, open FaceTime. Make sure you’re signed into FaceTime and have your account enabled. If you do, you’ll be able to open the FaceTime preferences with Command+Comma or from the FaceTime dropdown in the top menu bar. Click the checkbox next to Calls from iPhone.

Your phone and computer are now linked. When a phone call comes in for you, you should see a notification on your computer screen, and you’ll be able to accept or decline calls from your computer. You will also still be able to use your phone.

To make calls, you’ll need to open FaceTime. You’ll see a list of recent and missed calls, and you can click the phone icon next to anyone on this list to call them again.

If you need to make a new call, type the contact name into the search box or type their phone number (or Apple ID) into it directly, and press call. When you’re calling other FaceTime users, “FaceTime” is a video call and “FaceTime Audio” is a regular phone call.

I hope this helps!
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Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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