PC Doctor May 29, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

A while ago, my internet was not working right so I called my internet service provider to try to get it fixed. The tech guy I talked to walked me through the steps to reset my router and that fixed it. Ever since then whenever I've had a problem with my internet, I've just reset my router and it (mostly) fixes everything. What is happening to my router that I need to reset it and why does it seem to always work?


 Dear Mike,

I've had this problem with the internet at my house and it’s a common occurrence at the library. Quite often, it's not the computer hooked up to the router directly but the devices and laptops that can't connect to the internet wirelessly.

 There are so many different things that can cause this to happen to your router. However, most of the time it's not exactly the router's fault.  Internet service providers might be changing your IP address and your router isn't quick to broadcast the changes. When you reset your router, you force it to check for any changes and it updates automatically.

 In the way of solutions, you can continue to reset your router whenever you come across an issue. It's usually not that much of an inconvenience to do. However, if it's a daily occurrence, it might be worth investing in a new router. Ever since I picked up a newer router, I've been having almost zero problems. In an article, I read recently someone suggested using a garden timer to automatically reset your router at a time when the internet isn't being used. The timer will cut off the power to the router and then turn it back on. Automatic reset!

Good luck!     

                     PC Doctor


Until next time… happy computing!!