New Materials June 6, 2012

Latest Materials at the Athol Public Library!


JUNE 6, 2012



Alliott, Catherine – A Rural Affair

Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby

Barbieri, Heather – The Cottage at Glass Beach

Berry, Steve – The Columbus Affair

Carey, Peter – The Chemistry of Tears

Carr, Robyn – Seal of My Dreams

Cussler, Clive – The Storm

Dailey, Janet – Honor

Doughty, Louise – Whatever You Love

Frank, Joan – Make it Stay

Friedman, Daniel– Don’t Ever Get Old

Goldenbaum, Sally – A Fatal Fleece: a Seaside Knitters Mystery

Gray, Shelley Shepard – A Texan’s Honor

Johnson, Suzanne – Royal Street

Kendrick, Beth – The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

Kiernan, Caitlin – The Drowning Girl

Kolpan, Gerald – Magic Words

Landis, Jill Marie – Heart of Glass

Lowell, Elizabeth – Beautiful Sacrifice

MacDonald, Patricia – Missing Child

Randall, Alice – Ada’s Rules

Rist, F.G. – Mystic Dancer

Roberts, Nora – The Last Boyfriend

Roy, Anuradha  - The Folded Earth

Rutledge, Lynda – Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale

Sandford, John – Stolen Prey

Shaara, Jeff – A Blaze of Glory

Shaw, Johnny – Dove Season

Simon, Clea – Cats Can’t Shoot

Smith, B.J. – Red Means Run

Theroux, Paul – The Lower River

Vann, David – Dirt



Bergen, Peter – Manhunt: the Ten-year Search for Bin Laden

Dunn Chace, Teri – The Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers

Gibbs, Nancy – The Presidents Club

Gross, Gretchen – But Dad!: a Survival Guide for Single Fathers of Tween and Teen Daughters

Guhin, Paula – Creating Decorative Paper

Hardie, Barbara – Creating Heaven on Earth

Hill, Clint – Mrs. Kennedy and Me

Hopkins, Kate – Sweet Tooth: the Bittersweet History of Candy

Koenig, Debbie – Parents Need to Eat Too

Polisi, Wendy – The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook

Reynolds, Gretchen – The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Revels How We Can Exercise Better

Rutkow, Eric – American Canopy: the Role of Trees in the Shaping of a Nation

Tejada, Susan – In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti



Baldacci, David – The Innocent

Evans, Richard Paul – The Road to Grace

Johansen, Iris – What Doesn’t Kill You

Margolin, Phillip – Capitol Murder

Michaels, Fern – Deadline

Patterson, Richard North – Fall From Grace

Perry, Marta – Hannah’s Joy

Quick, Amanda – CrystalGardens

Roberts, Nora – The Last Boyfriend

Roberts, Nora –Witness

Grisham, John – Calico Joe

Rather, Dan – Rather Outspoken

Sandford, John – Stolen Prey



Alvarez, Julia – A Wedding in Haiti

Beard, Amanda – In the Water They Can’t See You Cry

Bissinger, H.G. – Father’s Day: a Journey Into the Mind and Heart of My Extraordinary Son

Kasher, Moshe – Kasher in the Rye

Kyle, Chris – American Sniper

Winstead, Lizz – Lizz Free or Die



Page, Katherine Hall – The Body in the Boudoir

Harris, Charlaine – Deadlocked

Graves, Sarah – Dead Level



Cussler, Clive – The Storm





Covert Affairs, Season 2


Episode 50

Fairly Legal, Season 1

Game of Thrones, Season 1

Ghost Protocol

Good Wife, Seasons 1 and 2


Importance of Being Earnest

Island at War

Jane by Design, Volume 1

Like Crazy

One for the Money

Princess Jellyfish Complete Series

The Vow

Woman in Black



Alvinand the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

In Time

MissionImpossible Ghost Protocol

New Year’s Eve

Princess Jellyfish Complete Series

The Poseidon Adventure

Underworld Awakening

We Bought a Zoo