PC Doctor June 18, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

I have had my personal email address for almost ten years. I get almost one hundred emails in a day and most of them are just annoying advertisements for sales and things like it. I am getting tired of how long it takes to sort through my mail and often I just delete some emails without even opening because I know I am not interested. I guess I did sign up for their email list a long time ago but I am hoping I could somehow stop them from emailing me anymore.


Dear Tom,

I remember it was a highlight of the day when I got an email even if it was an advertisement for something I was not interested in. Not anymore!

I have a few solutions for you to solve your predicament. First off, at the bottom of every email you get from being on a mailing list, there is a link for you to unsubscribe. It usually says exactly that, “Unsubscribe from getting these emails” as an example. If you click that, it usually brings you to the company's website. If the website asks you to type in your email address to confirm the removal, do so. Sometimes they email you back with a confirmation but most often, they will just leave you alone!

Now, like in your case, it might take you forever to go through all your emails and unsubscribing from each and everyone manually. Thankfully, there is a neat website that offers a service called Swizzle that helps you unsubscribe from many mailing lists all at once! Check out inboxmanager.theswizzle.comfor a free account.

                    Good luck! PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!