PC Doctor March 7, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

It feels like every time I turn around, some website is making me type in my email address and other information. I have a long name and I’m always making a typo in my email address and it is making me crazy. Is there any way to set things so that the computer does this for me? I have an up-to-date Apple computer.

Thank you,

Dear Larry:

You can create what Apple calls “expanding abbreviations.” Open System Preferences > Keyboard. You’ll see a chart with a column on the left labeled Replace and a column on the right labeled With. Type your abbreviation in the left columns and the full phrase in the right-side column. For example, you could use @@ to be the abbreviation for your email address. (Type @@ in the Replace column and your full email address in the right column. Now, every time you type @@, the computer will fill in your address.) Just be careful not to create abbreviations that are real words you’ll want to sometimes use as themselves.

I hope this helps!
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Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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