PC Doctor July 22, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

I sometimes charge my cell phone while I am at work. I use my spare cable and plug the USB into one of the ports on my desktop computer. It always automatically opens a window on my phone to allow the computer to access its files, and the computer tries to download my pictures. I have to click to stop the process each time. How do I control what the computer does when I plug in my phone? (It’s a PC.)


Dear Mel:

When you plug in any device, AutoPlay kicks in and asks what you want to do with it. You can disable AutoPlay or you can select which actions you want it to perform.

On your start screen, click the window icon that you see in the bottom left. Then, click the gear image to open Settings. In the search box, type AutoPlay. You’ll see that you can turn it off entirely or choose what happens when you plug a device into your computer.

These instructions should be roughly the same for any version of Windows.

I hope this helps!
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