PC Doctor August 9, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

I love listening to audiobooks on my phone. Occasionally, the title I want to read is available digitally as an ebook, but there’s no audiobook. Is there any way to turn it into an audiobook?

Avid Listener

Dear Avid:

That’s an interesting question. Most smartphones have a text to speech feature – You could try turning that on and seeing how you like the way it voices your ebook. It won’t be the same as having a skilled actor narrate, but it might be good enough for a listen when you need your eyes looking somewhere other than the screen.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll want to turn this on in Settings. Follow the path Settings – Accessibility – Spoken Content, and turn on Speak Selection and/or Speak Screen. Next, select Speech Controller and toggle it to on. If you choose Speak Selection, the phone will read aloud any text you’ve highlighted and selected. If you choose Speak Screen, you will use two fingers to swipe down from the top; the phone will then read aloud everything on the page.

If you have a different kind of device, do an internet search for speak screen or accessibility features and see what’s available. Then, it will be up to you whether you are satisfied with the experience it provides.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!
PC Doctor

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