PC Doctor June 25, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

I was wondering if there was a way to turn the direction of the page in Microsoft Word. I am trying to make an award certificate for my dog training school and I want the paper to be sideways, not tall, like it normally is. How do I do this?


Dear Madeline,

Yes, it is possible and very easy to change the page layout in Microsoft Word. Click on File in the menu bar, and then select “Page Setup”. Click on the “Sheet” tab and then change the “Orientation” selection from “Portrait” to “Landscape.” Done! Be aware, if you are planning on printing this document; make sure you change the layout of the print to Landscape, as well. Change this setting under Print Setup or Print Settings under File.

If you're a fan of Open Office like I am, and want to change the document orientation as well, click on Format, then go down to Page. From there, click on the Page tab at the top. Then change the setting from portrait to landscape. You will see the little page example to the right size of the box change to display the changed settings. Press OK and you are ready to go!

                    PC Doctor

Until next time.. happy computing!