PC Doctor July 10, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor:

I was using Internet Explorer to go on the internet when I accidentally made everything much larger. Thing is, it is only Facebook that is bigger. I tried closing the browser and then reopening it but Facebook is still really zoomed in. I have to scroll horizontally to see everything on the page.

My brother suggested that I reinstall my web browser but I do not know how to do that and I do not want to have to bring my computer into the shop to get it fixed for something this small.


Dear Sal:

You are right when you assume that it is a small thing. I am glad you asked instead of bringing your computer into the shop to get your issue fixed.

First, open up your web browser. You said that you are using Internet Explorer, so just double click the icon on your desktop to open the application. Next, navigate to Facebook.com. Here we have a few ways to solve your problem. If you are using a mouse with your computer, you can easily hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard (command if you are using a Mac) while scrolling with your mouse. Either you will need to scroll up or down depending on if; you are zoomed in or zoomed out. Try it and you will easily see which way you will need to scroll. You may need to scroll slowly otherwise, you will overdo it. Just scroll until the webpage appears normal again.

If you are on a laptop and have a trackpad instead of a mouse plugged in, you can also use your keyboard to fix it. On a PC hold down CTRL while pressing either minus or plus in the upper right of your keyboard. It is usually near the backspace key. On a Mac just hold down Command while tapping either plus or minus. Minus will zoom out while plus will zoom in.

Good luck!
              PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!