PC Doctor July 27, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

I recently got a new Mac computer. I like it a lot, especially the feature of having icons at the bottom of my screen. However, something happened and I think I broke it. The dock is not at the bottom of my screen and I cannot figure out how to bring it back. Also, how do I find the apps on my computer? There is not a Start button like there was on my Windows computer.


Dear Marshall,

Macs are some pretty sweet computers. There is nothing quite like the experience of the Mac operating system. While it does have a bit of a learning curve (especially going from Windows to Mac), it is actually a lot easier than you'd think.

First off, let us get your dock back! Click on the Apple icon in the upper left part of your screen. A menu will drop down with a list of selections, including “Dock”. Bring the mouse down and hover over Dock and a new menu will appear. Click on “Position on Bottom”. This will make a little check next to the text to confirm that your dock is restored and it will be positioned at the bottom. Click Apple icon to close the menu bar and you are all set!

To find the rest of the apps on your computer. Just click the word “Go” on the top menu bar. From there, click on “Applications” to view all the applications installed on your computer. If you would like, you can drag and drop the applications from this list onto your Dock. This will create a shortcut for the application and it will save you time for applications you use often.

Good luck!
                 PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!