PC Doctor September 13, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

My company started using Outlook Express for email.  I need to back up the attachments I receive in emails to a thumb drive. However, sometimes, Outlook Express marks them as dangerous and will not let me download them.  I know the files are alright since my boss sends them to me.  Is there a way to make Outlook stop locking the attachments?  In addition, can you tell me how to put them on a thumb drive?


Dear Will,

In Outlook Express, click on the Tools tab and then Options.  Click on the Security tab and uncheck the box labeled “Do not allow attachments to be saved...”   Instead, check the box for “Virus Protection.”   Click OK to save and close the window.  Now you should be able to download the attachments without any issues in the future!  Just remember to be careful with what you download.

Next, when you are downloading your attachments, save them to your desktop.  Make sure your USB thumb drive is plugged into a USB port on your computer, click Start, then Computer.  Open up the thumb drive you are planning to use, fit the window on your desktop so you can see the icons of files you downloaded from Outlook.  Drag and drop the files onto your thumb drive.  When the files finish transferring, click the back arrow to Computer.  Right click the thumb drive and select “Eject.”  Done!   Feel free to unplug your thumb drive from the computer. 

                      PC Doctor

Until next time..happy computing!