The Pineapple Project

Tuesday, July 18 @ 10:00am. Ages 3 - 8.

A pineapple with google eyes, Batman action figure, Mr. Potato Head, and a blonde Barbie.

Ages 3-8
Registration Required

“Can a pineapple wear a dress? Can boys be princesses?” The Pineapple Project answers these questions and more with a joyful WHY NOT?

Kids and grownups alike will be delighted and empowered by this 30-minute performance that celebrates the joy of playing and being exactly who you are. It promotes individuality, inclusivity, sharing, and practicing kind communication.

My students and I loved the Pineapple Project. Through watching, we learned about the importance of friendship and being our genuine selves without the play feeling overly didactic. And bonus, many belly-laughs were had by all!
-Elizabeth Soeiro, Librarian Cambridgeport Elementary

The recommended ages for this performance are 3-8, but children who are older or younger are still welcome. Registration is required. The Pineapple Project | Athol Public Library (