The 1969 Stonewall Rebellion

Wednesday, June 26 @ 6:30

image of the historic Stonewall Inn sign.

Join author Milo Todd on Zoom as he discusses the Stonewall Rebellion, a grassroots movement that sparked LGBTQ+ rights across the country.

What happened during the multi-night rebellion around the Stonewall Inn in June of 1969? What was the first thing thrown and who threw it? Who took part and who stayed away? Hear the details of what happened and how this ultimately led to the creation of Pride Month.

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Note: This session includes mention of transphobia, racism, police brutality, slurs, murder, sexual assault, and misgendering/deadnaming. This program is intended for adults.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Joshua Hyde Public Library in Sturbridge, Charlton Public Library and the Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge, and we are pleased to be partnering with a multitude of Massachusetts libraries for this event.