PC Doctor December 2, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

One of my daily jobs is to convert some transcripts into a more readable format.  When I get them, all the words typed out are in capital letters.  I need to turn them into sentences with only capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and a few other spots.  Often I just end up retyping the whole thing by hand in another Word document rather than try to fix the original document.  Is there an easier way to do this?

           Thanks Michael

Dear Michael,

That sounds pretty frustrating since depending on the length of the transcripts that could take a long time to retype.  However, there is something right in Microsoft Word that might help you save some time.  Under “Format” in the Filebar select “Change case” and then“tOGGLE cASE” which is an option to change all the cases (lowercase and uppercase) in your document.  Thus all the UPPERCASE letters in your document will become lowercase letters.  

Still, that does not fix everything because you will still need to go and make the first letter of each sentence a capital letter along with other miscellaneous words.  However it seems like it will make your work a little easier.  

       Good luck! PC Doctor

Until next time…. Happy computing!