PC Doctor January 23, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

Is there a way to make my mouse pointer larger?  The current size is okay but for visibility sake, I would prefer it larger.

      Thank you, Mary

Dear Mary,

Yes! There is a way to increase the size of your mouse cursor.  First, click Start, and then Control Panel in the Start menu.  In the new window that opens for the Control Panel, click on “Hardware and Sound”.  In the first category “Devices and Printers”, click on Mouse.  A new window entitled “Mouse Properties” will open.  Click on the second tab labeled Pointers.  Under “Scheme” click the dropdown menu and select an alternative pointer from the menu.  Choose a few of the different pointers labeled “extra-large” to preview them.  Once you find one that you like, click Apply in the bottom right corner of the window. 

Oh, and one last thing before closing the window, make sure the box labeled “Enable pointer shadow” at the bottom of the window is selected.  If it is not, check the box and then click apply again.  Click OK and then close out the Control Panel window.  

       Good luck! PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing