PC Doctor February 5, 2013

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 Dear PC Doctor,

How do I open WIM files? I backed up my computer before I did a system recovery and now I cannot open any of these backed up files.  What a nightmare. (OS – Windows 7 – 64 bit)


Dear Gloria,

When you originally backed up your files, Windows should have included an .exe file with your WIM files.  It should be titled “RecoveryMgr.exe”.  Double click the exe file and be sure to allow permissions for the program to run.  Follow the instructions and let the program unpack your files.  It might take a while but when done; your files should be in a folder titled “System Recovery” under Users.

However, if this .exe program was not included, you will need to try something else.  Be sure to have your files available somewhere on your newly restored computer.  Next, click the Start orb and type “Backup” into your search box and press enter.  If Windows is successful in finding your files, they will be available to be restored under Restore.  If they are not visible, click “Select another backup to restore files from”.  Click Refresh if you do not see your restore files available.  When you do, double click to start.  Be sure to allow permissions and follow the instructions to recover your files.

Good luck!
         PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!