PC Doctor April 5, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

Recently I had a little box in the right side of my desktop that would display the current and forecasted weather.  However, while I was organizing some of the icons on my desktop, I think I accidentally deleted it and now I can't figure out how to get it back.  I'm running Windows 7 if that's any help.



Dear Ezra,

Of course, let me give you a run through of adding a gadget (which is what the icon is called) to your desktop.  Close or minimize all the windows that may be open on your desktop.  Right-click any empty spot on your desktop and select Gadgets at the bottom of the context menu that opens up.  This will open a small window full of icons for gadgets that you can place on your desktop.  This includes a couple of weather gadgets, Weather and WeatherBug.  I believe that the Weather one was the default that you originally had.  You can click and drag your desired gadget from the window and drop it to where you want on your desktop.  You may need to reconfigure you location settings, which you can do by hovering over the gadget and clicking on the wrench icon that appears to the right of the gadget.  Either type in your zip code or town name for your location, click search and then click OK.

Tips, when you hover over the gadget, click on the little resize icon under the X to get a larger gadget with more information!  Also, if you'd like you can right-click the gadget to set it to “Always be on top” so that it'll be visible no matter what windows you have open on your computer.


            PC Doctor

Until next time…. Happy computing!