PC Doctor April 27, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I recently attended an event and it looked like the speaker was using her smart phone to advance the slides on her power point presentation. Is that a feature of a specific phone brand? An app? I would love to know!



Dear Jeff:

Microsoft has an app called “Office Remote.” According to the Microsoft website, “Office Remote turns your phone into a smart remote that interacts with Microsoft Office on your PC. The app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room, so you can walk around freely during presentations.” It uses Bluetooth settings to pair your phone with the PC on which you are running your slides.

This may be what your speaker was using. It works on Windows Phone OS 8 or higher or an Android phone 4.0 or higher. There are other, similar apps – Look in the app store appropriate for your device (example: App Store, Google Play) , and search for “power point remote.” There are some that are free and some that cost money. You can look online to read reviews and see what might work best for your purposes. Good luck!

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