PC Doctor July 6, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m back on the job market after a long hiatus. My old resume isn’t up to date. When I think about re-working it, I feel exhausted. Are there easy to use templates in software packages, or free templates on line that I could use? I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I need my resume to look good.

Thank you,


Dear Looking:

Yes, there are many places you can look to find decent and modern looking resume templates.

If you use Word, open the program, choose “New,” and then choose “Installed Templates.” Scroll down until you see resume choices. When you open one, you will be prompted to enter your details. This will give you a basic resume.

If you use Google Docs, log in to your Google account. On the upper right, click on the square made of nine smaller squares. Choose “Docs.” Click on “Template Gallery,” and you will find a number of resume templates. These are a bit sleeker and more modern looking than the ones in Word.

If you use an Apple computer, you can open the Pages program, choose a new document, and then choose one of the resume templates there. These also are attractive and modern looking.

There are many, many resume templates online, but a significant number of them require you to pay to save and print them, and they often keep that information hidden until after you have gone through all of the effort of crafting your document. All of the above–listed options are free, no strings attached.

Wishing you luck in your job search!

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Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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