PC Doctor May 24, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

The bar across the bottom of my screen has suddenly moved over the right side of my screen, how do I fix it?


Dear Chris,

Right click an empty spot on your taskbar and choose Properties from the context menu that appears.  In the window that opens up, go to Taskbar location on screen and change it to “Bottom” Click Apply then close the window.  Voila!

        PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor,

Ever since I downloaded Open Office, all my Microsoft Publisher files open in Open Office by default.  I'd prefer them to open in Microsoft Publisher.  Is there a way to change it back?


Dear Mary,

Find a Publisher file and right click it.  In the menu that appears, click Properties.  Then click the General tab and under “Opens with:” click the Change button.  Under Recommended Programs you should see Microsoft Publisher.  Check the box for “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” and then click OK.  Finally click Apply and then close the window.

       PC Doctor

Until next time…happy computing!