PC Doctor November 30, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have a mac laptop. On the desktop, there are a bunch of icons and it’s a bit clutter-y. From what I understand, some of them are not files or programs but ‘aliases.’ Can I remove them?



Dear Ben:

The short answer is, ‘yes.’

According to the Mac OS X for Dummies website, an alias is a file that opens the file that it represents. It’s an icon that you can put anywhere on your computer that’s convenient for you, (like the desktop), to help you open programs and files that you access often. It’s similar to desktop shortcuts on a Windows machine.

To delete an alias, drag it onto the Trash icon on the Dock. You could also Control-click it and choose Move to Trash.

To create an alias you can: Click the parent icon and choose File –> Make Alias or click the parent icon and press Command+L.

When you create an alias, its icon looks the same as the icon that it represents, but the suffix alias is added to its name and a tiny arrow called a badge appears in the lower-left corner of its icon.

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