New Children’s Materials April 5, 2019

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available to borrow from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:


“Now I Eat My ABC’s” by Pam Abrams

“Hogar en el aire” by Jeannie Baker

“The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween” by Samantha Brooke

“Arthur’s First Sleepover” by Marc Brown

“Curious George: Gymnastics Fun” by Leora Bernstein

“Green Shamrocks” by Eve Bunting

“Haunted House, Haunted Mouse” by Judy Cox

“Freight Train” by Donald Crews

“Dinosaur Dig!” by Penny Dale

“Perro Grande…Perro Pequeno: Big Dog…Little Dog” by P.D. Eastman

“Nine Days to Christmas: A Story of Mexico” by Marie Hall Ets

“Corduroy’s Easter” by Don Freeman

“Harry y el Terrible Quiensabeque” by Dick Gackenbach

“First Easter” by Susana Gay

“Cub and Duck” by Nora Gaydos

“The Very First Thanksgiving Day” by Rhoda Greene

“Federiquito el Sapo” by Rose Greydanus

“Old Mother Hubbard” by Colin Hawkins

“Go! Go! Go!” by Charise Harper

“Spot Va a La Granja” by Eric Hill

“Donde esta Spot? by Eric Hill

“Ten Christmas Lights” by Jo Parry

“The Littlest Bunny in Boston: An Easter Adventure” by Lily Jacobs

“Mamaqtuq!” by the Jerry Cans

“Salmon Boy: A Legend of the Sechett People” by Donna Jo

“Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too) at Camp” by Lislie Kimmelman

“SpongeBob and The Great Train Mystery” by David Lewman

“Everyone Walks Away” by Eva Lindstrom

“Halloween” by Laura Marsh

“I Was So Mad” by Mercer Mayer

“Frozen: Little Look and Find” by Art McWhinney

“A Book of Babies” by Il Sung Na

“Eight Jolly Reindeer” by Ilanit Oliver

“El Sereto De La Llama” by Leyenda Palacios

“Cento Jam” by Sharon Peters

“Five Little Ducks” by Raffi

“Happy Halloween, Curious George” by N.T. Raymond

“Goodnight, Blue” by Angela Santomero

“Sheep Trick or Treat” by Nancy Shaw

“Who Lives Here?” by Kathryn Smith

“Daniel’s Sweet Trip to the Bakery” by Maggie Testa

“That’s Not My Princess” by Fiona Watt

“Webster’s Bedtime” by Hannah Whaley

“Webster’s Email” by Hannah Whaley

“Webster’s Friend” by Hannah Whaley

“Webster’s Manners” by Hannah Whaley

“The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day” by Natasha Wing

“Five Little Pumpkins” by Dan Yaccarino

“Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown” by Salina Yoon


“The First Hundred Words in Spanish” by Heather Amery

“Journey Through Mexico” by Barbara Bulmer-Thomas

“Secrets of the Apple Tree” by Carron Brown

“En El Interior De La Tierra” by Joanna Cole

“Las Navidades: Popular Christmas Songs from Latin America” by Lulu Delacre

“Groundhog Day” by Lisa Herrington

“I Know Nature” by Anastasia Korovkina

“500 Palabras Nuevas para ti: 500 Words to Grow On” by Harry McNaught

“A Visit to Mexico” by Mary Packard

“Spring” by Nuria Roco