PC Doctor August 23, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m really not sure why sometimes I am unable to close a program out by hitting the red X in the upper right hand corner.  I can’t decide if the program is locked or what, but do you have some kind of alternate that I could try short of just shutting the program off?


Dear Ann:

A couple of things you can try.  First try the keyboard combination of Alt + F4. (Hold down the Alt Key and then hit the F4 function key at the same time). This should close the window out.

The second thing you can try if that doesn’t work is to hit the combination of Ctrl+Alt+Delete. (Again hold down the Control key, then press the Alt key and hold it down and then the Delete key all at the same time).  Another window will open up giving you choices – select “Start Task Manager”. The Task Manager Window will open and you should select the Applications Tab.  Find the program you can’t close out of on the list, highlight it and then press the ‘End Task’ button.  This will surely do the trick for you.

         PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing