PC Doctor November 22, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:

So, I heard that it is possible to read e-books on my computer, even if I don’t have a nook or kindle.  Is this true?  How do I do that?  Where can I get free e-books to read on my computer?

         Signed, Margot

Hi, Margot!

I’m so glad you asked!  Not only can you read e-books on your computer, you can download them for free if you have a C/W MARS library card.  (Both Athol and Orange are C/W MARS libraries; if you have a card you use there, it will work for e-books.) You will also need an internet connection.

First, visit the website for the C/W MARS OverDrive library collection: digitalbooks.cwmars.org.  Go to the very bottom of the web page.  Find the link that says “Software.” (It is very small.) Click on “Adobe Digital Editions” to download the software.  On the right-hand side, click on the small blue “Download Now” button.  Choose the Macintosh or Windows version, in accordance with the kind of computer you use.  Double click the download and choose “run.” When prompted, click “Yes” or “Accept.” Follow the prompts in the installer.

Open Adobe Digital Editions.  Go to the Help menu.  Choose “Authorize Computer.”  Follow the instructions to create an Adobe ID.

Now, you are ready to browse for e-books!

Go to digitalbooks.cwmars.org.  At the very top, there is a search box.  Underneath it are the words “Advanced Search.” Click “Advanced Search.” At the bottom of the next screen, click the box next to the words “Show only titles with copies available.” Click “Search.” E-books will have a picture of an open book next to them.  You can click on the book cover for more information.  When you find an e-book you’d like to borrow, click “Sign in for availability”.  You will be asked to enter your library barcode number.  Sign in.  Click “Borrow.” Click “Download.”

Open Adobe Digital Editions.  Voila!  Your book should be there, ready to read!

Until next time…happy computing!

         PC Doctor