PC Doctor December 6, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:

I hope you can help!  I watch movies on my mac laptop.  The last time I watched a movie, the disk got stuck inside.  What can I do to get it out?

     Thanks, Kayla


Dear Kayla:

Here are some things to try:

First, close any applications that you have open and try ejecting the disk again   (It may be that one of the applications was trying to access the disc.)

Open Disk Utility, select the disc, and click the Eject button in the dialog window.

Try opening iTunes and ejecting the disc from there.

Restart the computer and hold down the mouse button at the same time.   Continue to hold down the mouse button through the whole start up procedure.  This usually ejects the disc.   Good luck!


Until next time … Happy computing!

     PC Doctor