PC Doctor January 31, 2014

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Dear Doc:

I have both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer installed on my PC.  I have no problem at all with Mozilla; however, recently to open Internet Explorer I have had to double click twice.  This went on for about a month, and now I cannot open it at all.  I've even tried to open it by going right into my programs menu, but to no avail.  Can you help?

      Thanks, Randy

Dear Randy:

I’ve done a little sleuthing around and, though I do not know why your Internet Explorer has stopped working, I do have some ideas that should help you get it back.

First, it may be that a virus or malware has affected your Internet Explorer. I would suggest running a full scan with whatever you have on your computer for virus protection.  After that, run a check for malware with Malware Bytes Anti Malware.  You can get this product for free.  Out tech support gurus recommend downloading it from CNET.  If you do an internet search for “malware bytes cnet,” you will find it.  Scan with Malware Bytes.  If any bad or infected files are present, Malware Bytes will find them and give you the option to remove them, which you should do.

Second, you are in luck because your Mozilla Firefox still works!  Open Firefox and download a new copy of Internet Explorer.  You can then create a new desktop shortcut and all should then be well.

Best to you and happy computing!

       PC Doctor