PC Doctor March 14, 2014

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Dear PC Doctor:

I want to make a bunch of little flyers to hand out at an event.  How do I make a document that’s about the size of an index card and get several to print on a single sheet of paper? (I have a Windows PC.)

      Thanks, Kyla

Dear Kyla:

This is pretty easy to do if you have Microsoft Office.  First, open Microsoft Publisher.  From the “Getting Started” screen, choose “Blank Page Sizes.” Choose the size paper you are going to use.  (The standard printer paper size is 8.5 inches x 11 inches.) Click on that size to open a fresh document.  Create your flyer on the full page.

Once you are completely satisfied with your document, you will need to create duplicate pages.  Do this by clicking “Insert” from the menu across the top of the screen.  Click “Duplicate Page.” Insert one fewer duplicate pages than you will eventually want printing on one sheet.  For example, if you want 4 to print on one sheet, make sure you insert 3 pages after you create the original page.  Along the bottom of your document, a numbered tab will appear showing each page.

When you are ready to print, go to the File menu.  Choose “Print.” Click “Properties.” On the right, in the middle of the box, there will be a pull-down menu next to “Multiple Page.” Choose “4 in 1” (or whichever choice is right for your project).  Click “OK.” That box will close.  The “Print” box should be open underneath.  Click “Print.” You should get a page with 4 scaled-down copies of your document, ready to cut and hand out!

Until next time… Happy Computing!

      PC Doctor