New Materials April 25, 2014

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APRIL 25, 2014



Baldacci, David – Target

Barr, Nevada – Destroyer Angel

Berenson, Alex – Counterfeit Agent

Binchy, Maeve – Chestnut Street

Bova, Ben – Transhuman

Bradford, Barbara Taylor – Cavendon Hall

Brashares, Ann – Here and Now

Brett, Simon – Blotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger’s Moll

Brown, Sandra – Above and Beyond

Childs, Laura – Steeped in Evil

Clark, Mary Higgins – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Cohen, Leah – No Book but the World

Cook, Claire – Time Flies

Delacourt, Gregoire – My Wish List

Donoghue, Emma – Frog Music

Evanovich, Janet – Chase

Ferguson, Craig – Between the Bridge and the River

Frangello, Gina – Life in Men

French, Nicci – Waiting for Wednesday

Garey, Juliann – Too Bright to Hear and Too Loud to See

Gilchrist, Ellen – Acts of God

Glass, Julia – And the Dark Sacred Night

Grant, Katharine – Sedition

Guillory, Marcus – Red Now and Laters

Hoffman, Cara – Be Safe I Love You

Hunt, James Patrick – Detective

Jansma, Kristopher – Unchangeable Spots of Leopards

Jennings, Regina – Caught in the Middle

Johnson, Joan – Salamander Crossing

Just, Ward – American Romantic

Kibler, Julie – Calling Me Home

Macdonnell, Julia – Mimi Malloy at Last

Macomber, Debbie – Blossom Street Brides

Mason, Felicia – Hidden Riches

Matthiessen, Peter – In Paradise

Meissner, Susan – A Fall of Marigolds

Nevill, Adam – Last Days

North, Claire – First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Pratchett, Terry – Raising Steam

Roberts, Nora – Shadow Spell

Sanderson, Brandon – Words of Radiance

Schroeder, Karl – Lockstep

Schwab, Victoria – Vicious

Scottoline, Lisa – Keep Quiet

Sharma, Akhil – Family Life

Shipstead, Maggie – Astonish Me

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa – I Remember You

Simpson, Mona – The Caseboook

Stevens, Belinda – Just Out of Reach

Woods, Stuart – Carnal Curiosity

Zahler, S. Craig – Corpus Chrome, Inc.

Zimmer, Michael – Poacher's Daughter



Agnew, Michael – Craft Beer for the Homebrewer

Bair, Julene – Ogallala Road

Burris, Carol Corbett – On the Same Track

Buruma, Ian – Year Zero

Carter, Kelly – Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel

Crossett, Laura – Night Sweats

Duff, Kat – Secret Life of Sleep

George, Nelson – Hippest Trip in America

Gibney, Michael – Sous Chef

Green, Gail – Paper Artist

Handler, Chelsea – Uganda Be Kidding Me

Helman, Scott – Long Mile Home

Hoffman, Carl – Savage Harvest

House, Robert – Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard’s Prime Suspect

Jones, Richard – Jack the Ripper: the Casebook

Kaku, Michio – Future of the Mind

Kassinger, Ruth – Garden of Marvels

Kennedy, Kostya – Pete Rose

Koerner, Brendan – Skies Belong to Us

Laks, Ellie – Gentle Barn

Martin, Paul – Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues

Morell, Virginia – Animal Wise

Rayment, W.J. – Real Man’s Cookbook

SanClements, Michael – Plastic Purge

Schlosser, Eric – Command and Control

Solnit, Rebecca – Faraway Nearby

Tougias, Mike – Rescue of the Bounty

Vallianatos, E.G. – Poison Spring

Weeks, Jonathan – Baseball’s Most Notorious Personalities

Williams, Joan – What Works for Women at Work



Carr, Robyn – Four Friends

Corrigan, Kelly – Glitter and Glue

Fisher, Suzanne Woods – The Calling

Gould, Leslie – Minding Molly

Greene, Thomas – The Headmaster’s Wife

Lively, Penelope – Dancing Fish and Ammonites

Macomber, Debbie – Blossom Street Brides

Mallery, Susan – Evening Stars

Michaels, Fern – Forget Me Not

Myers, Cindy – The Mountain Between Us

Neggers, Carla – Cider Brook

Nesbit, Tarashea – The Wives of Los Alamos

Roberts, Nora – Shadow Spell

Steel, Danielle – Power Play

Zusak, Markus – The Book Thief



Begley, Adam – Updike

Carlin, John – Knowing Mandela

Kasson, John – The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression

Meyes, Frances – Under Magnolia



Armstrong, Kelly – Omens

Baker, Kevin – The Big Crowd

Barker, Emily – Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic

Brown, Dan – Deception Point

Dick, Philip – A Scanner Darkly

Gardner, Lisa – Gone

L’Amour, Louis – This Walking Drum

Leon, Donna – By It’s Cover

Price, Richard – Samaritan

Shelden, Michael – Young Titan

Zusak, Markus – The Book Thief



American Hustle

At Middleton

Best Man Holiday



Fairly Legal: Season 2

Gasland, Part 2

Happy Endings: the Complete Third Season

Inequality for All

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stairs

Lose Friends and Alienate People

Meet the Coywolf

Nicky’s Family

Paranormal Activity: the Marked Ones

Revenge: the Complete First Season

Revenge: the Complete Second Season

Saving Mr. Banks

Secrets of Wild India

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

The Bag Man

The Book Thief

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

The House I Live In

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism, Part II

Touch the Top of the World

Two and a Half Men: Season 8