PC Doctor June 6, 2014

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Sometimes, when I finish working on a document, I am in such a hurry to get done that I just click ‘save’ and don’t pay attention to what I named it and where I saved it.  This makes it tricky to find when I want to work on it again.  Is there a way to see items I’ve just worked on, so I can make a note of where things are?

      Signed, Andre


Dear Andre:

If you’re using Windows 7, there’s a feature called “Recent Items” that might be helpful to you.  It can show you all documents that were recently used.  And, you can make it part of your Start menu, so it will be easy to find when you want it.

First, right click on the Start Menu. Choose “Properties.” A window will pop up. In that window, click the tab that says “Start Menu.” Then click the button that says “Customize.” You’ll get a box called “Customize Start Menu.” In that box, scroll down until you see “Recent Items.” (The list should be in alphabetical order.) Click in the little box to the left of “Recent Items.” Click “OK.” Click “Apply.” Click “OK.” Now, when you click on your Start Menu, one of the choices will always be “Recent Items.” When you click “Recent Items,” it will show a list of files and folders used recently.  You can double-click on any of them to open them up and re-save where you want them!  I hope this helps!

Until next time… Happy Computing!

      PC Doctor