PC Doctor June 27, 2014

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Dear PC Doctor:

My Windows 7 PC seems to be running a little slow lately.  Is there anything I can do to improve its performance?

       Sincerely, Janet

Dear Janet:

Sometimes system slow-downs are due to clogged hard drives.  You can run the “Disk Cleanup” program and free up some space.  Disk Cleanup will remove downloaded files, temporary internet files, offline web pages, and thumbnail files.  This should improve your Windows 7 computer's performance.

Open your Start Menu.

Type “Disk Cleanup” in the Search field.

Click “Disk Cleanup.”

Select the drive you want to clean. (The hard drive is often C.)

Click “OK.”

Click on the “Disk Cleanup” tab in the resulting dialog box, select the checkboxes for the files types you want to delete and click “OK.”

Next, click the “Delete Files” button when Windows prompts.

Until next time… Happy Computing!

       PC Doctor