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Dear PC Doctor:

I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Can I do email on it? How do I create a message and save someone’s address so I don’t have to type it again next time? Also, does it use the internet? How do I connect?

Thanks, Ell

Dear Ell:

Great questions!

To send and receive email on your Galaxy tablet, you can use the Gmail or Email app that it comes with. The Gmail app will connect you with your Gmail account. If you use a different email provider, you’ll want to use the other app. You ought to be able to see both in your apps menu.

If you use the Gmail app, there should be no set up required.

To use a different email, start the Email app.

The first screen you will see is Account Setup. Type the e-mail address you use for the account. Type the password for that account. Touch the Next button.

Here, you may need to provide details as provided by your ISP, including the incoming and outgoing server information (POP3 and SMTP). Follow the steps on the screen.

Set the account options on the Account Options screen. If the account will be your main e-mail account, place a green check mark by the option Send Email from this Account by Default. Touch the Next button. Give the account a name. The Your Name field lists your name as it is applied to outgoing messages. That’s what recipients of messages from you will see. You may want to type your full name there. Touch the Next button. You will then see your email inbox.

Yes, your tablet uses the internet. To connect, go to your Home screen, choose Menu, then Settings, then Wireless & Networking, then Wi-Fi Settings. Click Enable Wi-Fi.

The check mark will turn green and your device will automatically search for available networks. Choose the one you want and then you will be connected.

Now that you’re connected to the internet, you can learn more about your new device by reading the users’ guide. You can find it here: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/mobile/tablets/galaxy-tabs

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