PC Doctor October 7, 2019

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Dear PC Doctor:

In our workplace, all of our computers are networked. This is great, because anyone can access their files from any workstation. It is also a bit cluttered, as everyone’s files show up in the recent items list on every computer. Is there a way to turn off the Quick Access list so that staff don’t see a list of everyone else’s work when they are trying to take care of their own? Ours is a fairly large staff, and that list just keeps getting longer!



P.S. This is Windows 10

Dear Kelli:

Sure – just follow these steps:

Right click the Start menu and select “File Explorer.” Then, click the “View” tab. Click “Options” and then “Change folder and search options.” In the “General” tab, look for the drop-down menu next to “Open File Explorer to:” and choose “This PC.” Click “Apply” at the bottom right to save the change. Click “OK.”

I hope this helps!
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