PC Doctor January 30, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
I want to send my dad a link to a particular website.  It has a really long URL.  When I copy it from the address bar in my browser and paste it into the message for Dad, it breaks into several lines and they don’t form a good link when he opens the e-mail.  What can I do?  Is there any way to shorten the text I have to send Dad so he gets to the right website?
Dear Stacey:
Yes!  You can use any one of many URL shorteners.  They are all free.
Open whichever internet browser you like best.  Do a search for “shorten URL.” The ones I am most familiar with are Google URL shortener, (https://goo.gl/), bitly, (https://bitly.com/), and TinyURL, (http://tinyurl.com/).  They all work.
Click on whichever one you like.  They each will show a window into which you will type your long URL.  You can also copy it and then paste it in.  The website will generate a shortened URL which you can test (just to be sure) and then copy and paste into e-mail correspondence. It’s very handy!
Until next time… Happy Computing!
      PC Doctor